Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you for the amazing week Curt, Jen and Emily!

What a whirlwind week!! We yanked John (1st grade) out of school and headed North. Its about a 10 hour drive and we were only on the road for about 40 minutes until Elizabeth started the "are we almost there yet?" questions! OUCH! A day and few dozen stops later we arrived at our destination.

Each year after Labor Day we love to visit this beautiful (yes it's really beautiful :) area of the country as the crowds have gone, the weather is still nice, and it has almost become a rite of passage in a way to end our Summers. We enjoyed such a fun week with our family and were treated to a traditional Lobster Fest thanks to Cousin Jen! More on this including pictures of the live lobsters last moments later! lol.

Our travel home was hampered by a nasty little head wind from the remains of hana. Roads were flooded and the rain was so torrential that at times we were only at a crawl. It wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't happened on the I 95 corridor from Philadelphia to the Washington D.C. area. We had much fun with all the potty breaks on the interstate under those conditions :) :)

Back on the home front, John returned home from school and I could hardly pick up his backpack! Inside we had books for missed homework from the previous week. We knew this was part of the 'deal', so we got to work right away. Tonight, after almost 5 hours of school papers, reading, etc.. I can say I am so proud of our sweet boy! He stuck with it, and finished almost an entire weeks worth of work today.

Now, off to the attic for our Fall decorations!


Angie said...

MISS YOU! Can't wait to see you and hear more about your trip!
love you!

Patricia/NYC said...

So funny to hear you say you "headed north" when we consider the jersey shore, "south"! ;)
Sounds like you had a great trip!

I love all of your "beach" photos...there is something about the color of the water & sand in all of them that is just beautiful!

Lori said...

How wonderful, I'm sure you created some great memories!
Way to go John on the homework...five hours!! :0
Enjoy the Fall decorating!! :)

Shelley said...

Holy cow...5 hours of homework for a first grader??? I know it was for missing a week, but geezzzz.
Poor thing...did he get up for school in time the next day? LOL!!
Glad your trip was fun and all you expected!!

Susan said...

Hi Shelley! We actually officially had a week to do everything, but I quite frankly didn't want to stare at it that long :) :) ! As long as John stayed with me, we kept going. He is getting a special treat for hanging in there and getting it done. This weekend, the 'boys' will be watching a star trek dvd complete with popcorn and trimmings :) I'm not sure who is more excited Dave or John! lol.

Susan Stevenson said...

Where on the Jersey Shore do you visit? I LIVED at the Jersey shore, being born and raised in Philly. My sons and I used to go to Seaside Park almost every weekend in the summer (for the day) because it was only an hour drive from Bucks County, PA where we lived. As a child, Wildwood was the destination, but as I got older, and preferred quiet beach visits, I chose Cape May. I love the "Painted Lady" homes.

superflag said...

i'd love to see more pictures of your jersey shore vacation. we miss you and can't wait for next year's visit! love, jen