Monday, June 30, 2008

My wish for Miss Angie

I have a friend who is a single mom-to-be (a pending China adoption) and tonight Elizabeth and I went to celebrate with her by taking her a quilt square for her 100 wishes quilt she is making for baby Emma. I found the perfect fabric and we had a dress made for E'beth from it, a dress for 'papa' and then gave our quilt square to "Miss Angie" to be forever snuggled ;)

I wish I had taken my camera for the festivities but never fear, Miss Angie had hers..(PEEK HERE!) We had such fun and I always enjoy our moments with such good friends.

Now, Angie, I hope you don't mind, but I'm officially putting out the word that I'M TRYING to matchmake!! I'm attempting to find Miss Angie, Mr. Right!!! If any of you know where he might be, please contact me a.s.a.p.!! I'll screen um, then put them in touch w/ Miss Right, and all will be good with the universe! :)

He must:
be committed to Christ
be between 29 and 42 yrs old
want children from China ;)

I'll let Miss Angie decide the rest

We love you Miss Angie!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Molly

As I woke and began our day I never thought I would be reading this. The letters below along with pictures can be found here. Be sure to also click the link at the bottom to read Barbara's thoughts as she returns home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a quiet tranquil traffic-free haven

A little known island,
The Saronic island of Hydra, just off the Peloponnese, boasts mountainous landscapes dotted with monasteries, which descend to a rugged, often very wild coastline that has served as an excellent natural defence over the centuries. Other than water taxis, walking is the only way to get around, and is highly rewarding, revealing the tranquillity and dramatic scenery of the island's interior - so different to the sophisticated elegance of Hydra Town and its 18th-century mansions.

Well, thats not where we are.

Friday, June 20, 2008


In recent years we have observed the trend of seeing young children glued to their gameboys whether in public, at home, you name it, everywhere. I came across a very interesting article that really makes you think twice about owning one. We decided some time ago that this was not something we needed (or wanted) in our home. There are many other wonderful topics on parenting HERE and my fav. HERE.


MISTAKE #1: Easy Access - The vast majority of children over eight years old own their own video game system - more than one when you include hand-held systems such as Gameboy. The risk of video game addiction increases dramatically when your child owns a system because it is much harder to control the amount of time spent due to ready availability. As with any other behavioral addiction, easy and frequent access to the object of obsession makes it more difficult to avoid potential pitfalls. Therefore, if you fear your child might become addicted, seriously consider NOT purchasing a system. They can still play once in a while at a friend's home. If you do own a system, consider purchasing only group games and treating the system like a board game that is kept in a box and brought out periodically for an hour or so then boxed up and returned to the closet. Such approaches can drastically reduce the risk of obsession without totally eliminating games from a child's experience.

MISTAKE #2: Starting Young - The earlier a child begins playing electronic games, the sooner he or she is exposed to the patterns that lead to addiction. Similar to eating habits, children who become accustomed to junk food lose their appetite for healthy eating. Kids also "acquire a taste" for how they want to spend their recreational time. Those who develop patterns of "natural" play rather than "virtual" play are more likely to become well rounded, happy adolescents. Those who are introduced to the dopamine inducing "high" of prolonged video game play often become bored with any other form of recreation.

MISTAKE #3: Using As Reward System - Many parents admit that the promise of video game play time is the only thing they have found that can successfully motivate their child to do homework, chores, and other productive activities. And while the benefit of completed school assignments and other tasks may seem like a positive aspect to video game obsession, the long term negative consequences far outweigh any short term gain. Depending upon video games as a child's sole motivation for responsible activities subconsiously reinforces the notion that completing a job, reading, learning, etc. are necessary evils to endure rather than rewards in and of themselves. Other motivational rewards, such as money, an ice-cream date with dad, a movie outing, etc. are far more effective and avoid feeding a propensity toward video game obsession.

MISTAKE #4: "One More Level?" - When asked to shut off the video game system, it is a rare child who quickly obeys and ceases play. Invariably they respond instead with a plea for "just one more level" or time to defeat the current villain before they can "save my game." As a result, many parents end up allowing their child to spend much more time playing video games than they intended or often realize. As one recovering video game addict said - "If you say you intend to restrict the amount of time a child spends, you better ask yourself whether you can really do it. Kids are very good at pushing and pushing for more time." Time flies when kids play video games, in part because we parents fall into the "one more level" trap.

MISTAKE #5: Ignoring Your Gut - Many parents have a bad feeling about the amount of time their child spends playing, talking and thinking about video games. There is a nagging sense that allowing so much video game time may have long-term negative consequences. But they second guess the feeling, writing it off as being old fashioned or too strict. "Its just the way kids are now days!" Besides, they don't want the inevitable conflict that would come from restricting or removing the game system. But video game addiction effects a growing number of kids - especially boys. Parents know their child better than anyone else and are urged to trust their gut and intervene if needed to help their child live a better life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

E'beth and John made the clip

In several spots! .. So Sweet!!!

I love this guys work!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Monday, June 9, 2008

Ashley and Todd- "official images"

Here are a few more images from Ashley and Todd's wedding direct from the official guy behind the lens. He is very talented, but I must say his job wasn't difficult that day. Here you go...ENJOY.

The 'unofficial' images (aka ours) I'll post as soon as my sweet very busy husband downsizes the mega sized files for me so they can be viewed on my 'regular' already bursting at the seams computer :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome Home RUDD!

What a nail biter of a trip home! If you have ever adopted internationally, are thinking about it, or just want to read about a REAL~LIFE trip across the world returning home with a newly adopted child, you don't want to miss THIS.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Psssst.. Q. Know why Mom & Dad didn't adopt domestically?

Answer: Do you know how hard it is to find Chinese children to adopt in America!!!

This has got to be my ALL time favorite comeback to the "Why didn't you question". My friend and Mom mentor extrodinaire Sheila L. sent me this comment earlier today. Sheila is one of those Moms you want to be just like. I've never seen her house messy, she made 22 sno cones for her own 5 and all the neighbors children the other day and did it with much grace and calmness, She doesn't mind hosting get togethers for 30 families with 2.5 children on average each, her garage is spotless and doesn't have any junk, She always looks like she is ready to go on a date with her just as incredible husband, but most of all, she always finds time to make each child feel like they are the only one.

Thanks for sending this Sheila!