Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a rodent

Not long ago it was John's turn to bring home the class rodent uhhh I mean pet. John was very excited, but I must admit I wasn't particularly looking forward to it. I quickly jump started my attitude and realized this was important and special to John so I put on my happy face and enthusiastically loaded the vermin into our car with glee.

Once home it was like unwrapping presents under the tree to uncover the cage and discover "Snuggles". Snuggles quickly won the heart of the hand that would feed him that weekend and I was actually sorry to see him go Monday a.m. He turned out to be the sweetest of all Guinea pigs and Elizabeth simply adored him.

She would read him books at night before bed and the first night Snuggles appeared to listen intently and then suddenly stuck his neck out and started nibbling on Elizabeth's book! She was mortified.. at first. Then, thought this was hysterical.

We now have a very special plug out of a Golden Book cover thanks to our time with Snuggles.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most treasured memories.


Sherri said...

That is one pet we've never had. We've had a thousand hamsters, birds, rabbits, and of course cats and dogs.

The pictures are sweet. It almost makes me want to get a guinea pig!

Angie said...

Love! Love! Love the pictures! What a treat!

Susan Stevenson said...

What adorable photos!

Amy said...

Awww. We too have hosted that sweet cavy at our house. :) Seems like yesterday. :)
I'm not a rodent person at all, and the kids are getting a Holland Lop rabbit for Easter. I'm trying to psych myself out that those floppy ears and wiggly nose will win me over. ;)