Thursday, June 26, 2008

a quiet tranquil traffic-free haven

A little known island,
The Saronic island of Hydra, just off the Peloponnese, boasts mountainous landscapes dotted with monasteries, which descend to a rugged, often very wild coastline that has served as an excellent natural defence over the centuries. Other than water taxis, walking is the only way to get around, and is highly rewarding, revealing the tranquillity and dramatic scenery of the island's interior - so different to the sophisticated elegance of Hydra Town and its 18th-century mansions.

Well, thats not where we are.


Patricia/NYC said...

What a gorgeous photo!!
Happy Summer!

Angie said...

Now I am jealous! Where are you? I miss you!

kris said...

Great photo!

Shelley said... I'm guessing that you guys are in Jersey??? What a great picture...where is E'beth??

Love you guys~

Paula said...

beautifl pics
I love the color of the sky!

Hill upon hill said...

Your photos are gorgeous.