Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Psssst.. Q. Know why Mom & Dad didn't adopt domestically?

Answer: Do you know how hard it is to find Chinese children to adopt in America!!!

This has got to be my ALL time favorite comeback to the "Why didn't you question". My friend and Mom mentor extrodinaire Sheila L. sent me this comment earlier today. Sheila is one of those Moms you want to be just like. I've never seen her house messy, she made 22 sno cones for her own 5 and all the neighbors children the other day and did it with much grace and calmness, She doesn't mind hosting get togethers for 30 families with 2.5 children on average each, her garage is spotless and doesn't have any junk, She always looks like she is ready to go on a date with her just as incredible husband, but most of all, she always finds time to make each child feel like they are the only one.

Thanks for sending this Sheila!


Stefanie said...

Oh my, that's fantastic! I'll have to remember that one the next time I get that question :)
Thanks for sharing!
P.S. Who is this Sheila and does she give lessons?! ;)

Bella's mama said...

I love this!!!!!! Shelia sounds amazing!!! Ask her to please start an online class that we can all take queues from her.

I am so glad I found your blog!!

Have a wonderful day,


Erin said...

Ha! That's a good one! I wish I had a buck for each time I've been asked that ridiculous question!

Brittany said...

Sheila told me about this response. I love it.

Sandy H. said...

Sounds just like Sheila! Love it!

elliotts said...

Oh that is the best thing I have heard in a LONG time!! I am so happy to have found your blog...My husband and I have just decided to start with this process and this is a question we are instantly faced with from people we never thought would ask that question...I love it!!