Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bed ROOM camp fires

What you'll need:
2 battery powered 'tap lights'
2 or more children with wild imaginations
1 comfy bed with covers to pull over your head
3 or more scary stories
A great cousin to share it all with

Mix this all together after dark.
Watch the kids enjoy.

In the morning eat fresh blueberry muffins Grandma sent over and get out the waterslide.
Marinate for a few hours in the scorching sun
then simmer in a good long warm bath after sunset and repeat.


Patricia/NYC said...

LOVE this post!! And the photo is adorable!!

Any bad dreams from those scary stories? We have a love/hate relationship with scary stories in our house right now ;)

Kim said...

What a fun time!

Paula said...

Now thats summertime fun! Noooo, I don't want summer to end.

Susan Stevenson said...

I want to come stay at your house!

What great fun! :)