Thursday, August 21, 2008

There's a little park in the mountains...

and our wonderful friend Brittany took John and Elizabeth there recently. Brittany goes back a long way with our family. She helped me out so much when I lost my Dad and traveled to China to get Elizabeth all within about a 9 month period of time. When we returned from China she was amazing with our children and had a bond with Elizabeth that continues to this day. Brittany had taken a year off from College to travel with a family member that was adopting from China, but as we all know the wait suddenly escalated and she didn't get to travel. She has since completed a degree in Dental Hygiene and has graduated with top honors! She was voted by her professors as the top Dental Hyg. student of 2008! We aren't a bit surprised.

So, back to the day in the mountains, Brittany also happens to have an incredible photographic eye so I slipped my trusty little point and shoot in the backpack for the day and got these beautiful pictures upon their return! :)


Paula said...

What a wonderful sounding woman Brittney is. She takes great photos!
I love the one with the kids on the bridge. You should frame that one!

Brittany said...

I always have a wonderful time keeping John & Elizabeth! :) They are both a joy to watch after!