Saturday, September 26, 2009

burning question

Q. What was Johann Sebastian Bach's favorite food?

A. Chicken.

Why? He loved hearing them call his name over and over... "Bach, Bach, Bach"


Well, Elizabeth and I had our 1st violin concert this afternoon (and my last :). My role as a concert violinist is officially over (at least as far as Mr. Suzuki is concerned). It actually was quite a wonderful experience to learn the 'basics' of playing the violin with my daughter. Elizabeth will continue and I will officially pass the violin torch! We were excited that my Mom and our sweet friends came to hear our squeaks!

...and the beat goes on!


Angie said...

So squeak...I mean, so sweet! Congrats on your concert!

Janelle said...

HEY! I didn't know you were doing that? Chloe has expressed interest in a 'guitar and a stick' for her instrument of choice and I've been investigating the Suzuki method and teachers in the area. I'd love to hear more if you have time to drop me a line. Elizabeth looks adorable - contratulations to both of you!

Ohilda said...

Love it!!!!! Your little one is beautiful, but holding that violin...aaahh....makes me want to go watch her play!

By the way, loved the joke...will be sharing with my kiddos today. :)


Mom Of Many said...

Oh she looks so grown up!! Where in the world has the time gone?? Beautiful!!