Friday, October 9, 2009

I didn't agree with you on everything, but yep GW, I miss ya.


Mom Of Many said...

We miss him bunches too!!

But we have to look at the bright side....our new president has won the Nobel Peace Prize - bwaaahahhahaha!!! We should be soooo relieved.

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

me 2!!!

Susan said...

me too!! I posted this to my FB page a couple weeks ago :)... made me laugh!

LeeAnn said...

Just found your blog and love this picture! We miss him too!

justastonesthrowaway said...

I miss him oh so much!

Anonymous said...

Miss HIM? Uh, no.

Susan said...

Anonymous, why are you hiding? Are you perhaps ashamed to admit you support Obama's policies?(some of them are below)
Take 500 billion of healthcare away from your parents who worked hard for their lifetimes to collect it and give a nice chunk to illegal aliens instead.

Or perhaps wait until your Mother needs a hip replacement and is told she is to old, or your child is taught sexually explicit things as early as 5 yrs. old in the public school system.

Or maybe Obama's "Safe School's Czar" Mr. Jennings could send your teenager a "fisting" kit he played a part in distributing,,

Or perhaps after Mr. Obama is finished apologizing to the world for America we are weakened enough that Iran can use some of it's new toys on our nation... the list can go on and on..

2010 will show that many Americans realize they made a horrible mistake.