Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stolen babies

"I would never support the baby trafficking and China's greed when it comes to selling their unwanted baby girls".. was the comment we received from a long time "friend" when we announced our plans to adopt. The comment could have turned our decision around but by the grace of God we chose to ignore it. The comment may have been accurate to a degree but we also decided to consider the source as this person was looking for any excuses not to bring a child into their family.

It's been some time ago since we received the "sentiment" about our adoption decision, thus the exact wording may be off a bit- but you get the idea.

So, can we say that here in America we are totally free from crimes involving babies, adoption, and so on? Perhaps there was (and is) a problem with some children placed into any international adoption program but I have to say that most of the dollars spent on our adoption went to U.S. sources and agencies - not China. Our total Chinese Orphanage fee was only $4,000. Four Thousand dollars to feed, care for, clothe, immunize, house, etc.. 24/7 for our child - for almost a year. Our daughter was meticulously cared for during those 11 months living with a foster family under the supervision of the Chinese Adoption Affairs.

Indeed the situation in many foreign countries involving children that are placed for adoption is tragic. I've often thought about that "friend's" comment and played many "what if" games.. It boils down to this - God knows the end from the beginning and whatever happened and the circumstances surrounding her birth and 'finding' .. HE allowed it to occur. The winding path and entrusting from our Almighty Heavenly Father to be her parents happened. Following what we believe was God's direction in our decision to adopt our motives and hearts were pure. Even in the worse case situation, we are comforted in that God has placed our daughter exactly where His plan for Han Li Rong was and we are eternally grateful.


Angie said...

Reading this made my heart break on so many different levels...

So thankful that our sweet Han Li Rong was placed exactly where God intended her to be! What a difference she's made in my life!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Oh my goodness, I just got a similar comment from a long time friend, I figure they have no real information about adoption and chalk it up to ignorance!

justastonesthrowaway said...

When we made the announcement that we were adopting from China, definitely God's plan not ours, we only had a few negative comments and at first I ignored them but one day I was talking to the Lord and I said what do I say to the people who tell me I should adopt from my own country or have negative things to say and I heard Him say My children are not limited to a country or a race, a child is a child no matter where they are. And I know without any doubt that the Lord had put the plans in place for our beautiful daughter to be with us. She is so much like us I forget that I didn't birth her. Every now and then it dawns on me that she is Chinese and I just have to smile at the miracle before me. I can't imagine life without her. I thank God for knocking us in the head to make us realize China was where our hearts were.