Friday, December 4, 2009

Bûche de Noël

That would be French for "Yule Log Cake". I love interesting recipes from all over the world - especially during the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons. So, when I was tapped to bring 20 cupcakes for our son John's 2nd grade Christmas party I decided we can kick this up a notch!! But wait!!! I don't have HOURS to make this exotic Buche de Noel thing and would a room full of 2nd graders even blink twice? .. probably not, but, what about a take off??
So, I tried, this:

What do you think? These are mini Bûche de Noëls and they were EaSy!!!, QuIcK!!! and look pretty impressive if I do say so!

They are made from "Ho Ho's" and embellished with candy and tube icing you purchase at the cake deco. section at your fav. grocery store. I used caned chocolate icing to "glue" the candy on, then made swirly vines and leaves w/ the green icing. (HINT = Chocolate covered peanut clusters make great "bumps" on the yule log.) In no time we had a pretty impressive little treat! To finish off the presentation, sprinkle confectioners sugar or shredded coconut over the entire platter for the illusion of snow! Our children loved helping make these and there weren't any leftovers! :) FuN!!

If you so inclined and in the mood for the five star 'real' thing just hop over to HERE.


tiffany said...

Oh those are adorable!! We were married late Dec and had a dessert bar with the "real deal" as our featured dessert. These would be a fun way to celebrate anniversaries and include the kiddos in the making. Very fun. Thanks for sharing the idea! Oh and besides all that, I probably should not admit, but those swiss rolls are my very favorite packaged grocery store treat ever. LOL

Angie said...

What a fun - and beautiful treat! Too bad I didn't see this or we may have tried this at school...maybe next year! This year would have been to hard to resist the divine swirls of sugary goodness!