Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miss Angie's diet

Well, where to begin?! I have a friend. A very special friend. A friend that came to help me one day with Elizabeth shortly after we returned from China when I was vomiting and very sick with the stomach flu. She came in (risking catching the flu herself) scooped E'beth up, and took her home with her keeping her for several days until I was over the vomiting etc.

Last night, I went to a small gathering to pray for Miss Angie. You see, Miss Angie is having a life changing operation on Thursday. She is undergoing a gastric bypass operation. She is beautiful just as she is in my opinion, but she wants to be healthier when she travels to China as a single mom to adopt her daughter. I left my coat and wallet at the gathering by accident and tonight Miss Angie drove an hour round trip in a chilly downpouring rain to bring it back to me. This is Miss Angie.

Angie is documenting her journey and life altering surgery HERE. Grab a cup something sugar free :) and head over to follow along!

I'm looking forward to dancing with her at whatever God has planned for this very special friend! I'm going to have to have my husband stand guard with a shotgun this time next year! But, If you know anyone who wants to get on the waiting list to be "Mr. Right" for Miss Angie, the qualifications are here :)

Angie, we praying for the surgeons hands, all the medical professionals involved, quick recovery without complications, and desirable results for such a special and dear person.

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Angie said...

A Christian...with teeth...that's all I'm askin'! :)

You are too sweet to me! Thanks for the kind words, prayers and thoughts!

Working on getting my house clean and then, I ahve the cutest new, blue, quilted bag to pack for the hospital!
Love you - Angie