Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moving right along..

Now that New Year's celebrations are a thing of the past, and the Christmas tree seems so- last - year :) I used to feel a little sad that the wonderful festivities were over for another year but NO LONGER!! as we jump right into CHINESE NEW YEAR preparations! We have just recently adopted this tradition in our home after returning from China with Elizabeth (who is now 5). We use the red Christmas balls and hang them on branches, string homemade chinese lanterns all over the place, and plan a from scratch home made Chinese dinner that we invite family members to attend. We play Chinese music for that evening and Elizabeth and John wear their "special" Chinese clothing we purchased while in China.

Elizabeth will usually dance for us using her Chinese dancing fans purchased in Guangzhou and festive time is had by all! :)

We also belong to an amazing group of several hundred families that have adopted from China and throughout the year there are various celebrations that are so much fun. One of the biggest celebrations of course would be the Chinese New Year one coming up in Feb. "Stay tuned" for more of the Asian celebrations!!


Melissa Fischer said...

How delightful! I look forward to hearing more about your celebrations and seeing more photos. :)

Angie said...

AHHH! That first CNY pic of Elizabeth was one of the first times I babysat her. I remember how excited I was to get her dressed and attend my first every CNY as well! Can't wait for this will be the best yet...well...the best one pre-Emma!