Friday, February 26, 2010

Passports, visa's and more OH MY!

How quickly you forget the amount of preparation that goes into a trip across the globe. There are so many more restrictions than when we traveled to China in late 2005. This time, I'm so looking forward to being the silent observer and watching all these sweet children traveling in the group be united with their families!! For any of you that have been on this trip as an adoptive parent to be just imagine the gift of being there when others experience the joy of those early moments and days! It will be SO incredible to capture the early moments for our friend Angie (video and photos) and she can simply enjoy and savor each second of that instant when her life will change forever. We found ourselves so busy with Elizabeth that we failed to take very many pictures and even less video.. that won't happen with Angie if I have anything to do with it! :)

The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the "lovely" plane ride. Friends that travel overseas on business have told us that airlines are much more restrictive about movement around the cabin. UGG! I think I have something called restless leg syndrome.. I need to research it a bit more, but the name of the syndrome fits. My legs are indeed pretty restless during the 15 hour MRI!

The infamous LOA looks like it will arrive sometime next week and travel will most likely be sometime in April. Springtime in China..ahhh so!!


Lori said...

Oh my gosh!! I am TOTALLY with you on the restless leg thing on the airplane! Oh my stars I just want to break into some kind of yoga pose just to get out of that sitting position! And I don't even know any yoga poses!! But wrapping my legs around my neck would sure feel like sweet relief.

Get your doctor to prescribe some valium. Seriously, it will take the edge off. And actually, there is some medication for RLS (restless leg syndrome)...but I really don't know if that's something you can take temporarily or not.

When we traveled in September, there was not much restriction of getting up and down. But I guess that might have changed after that bad incident on Christmas. UGH!!!

Have fun!!

Susan said...

Lori, I will remember your advice! I spent some serious time in the China Southern Airlines bathroom just so I could stand up and stretch! Thankfully they actually had a fresh orchid on the counter (no kidding) so I focused on the orchid instead of the lovely toilet behind me :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh, I'm so hoping her LOA comes tomorrow and she (and you) travels with us!