Monday, February 22, 2010

Return to China!

I can hardly believe I'm actually typing this. We are heading back to China! It will be a little bit different this time however because last trip involved our adoption of Elizabeth. This time it still involves adoption, but we will be spectators in the amazing moment.

Her name is Emma. She is 22 months old and from Xi'an which is the city in central China most famous for the Terra Cotta warriors and we will be traveling with my good friend Angie to hand her wet wipes :) We are very excited to be returning to China for this reason and one other very special reason. During our time in Beijing, we will have the opportunity to spend time at Living Hope Adoption agencies orphanage to deliver some things to the children and spend some time at the orphanage with these amazing children. If you have a chance click the link above and read about what these older children have already gone through in their short lives.

Hop on over to meet BEAUTIFUL Emma!!
Stay tuned...!


Patricia/NYC said...

Fabulous!!! Are you bringing E-beth with you??

Shelley said...

Are you taking Elizabeth??? That would be wonderful!!!!

Susan said...

Hi Patricia and Shelley!
My sister will be keeping E'beth. E has terrible ear issues on flights and even on domestic ones she is uncomfortable during the entire time. We are hoping she will grow out of it and already its MUCH better than when we returned from China in 05!

In addition, I feel that this trip is Angie's moment, not mine. I'm thrilled to be a small part of it and be there for her as back up etc.. but I also know if I took E'beth much of my attention would be devoted to her and I wouldn't be as available for Angie and Emma. Elizabeth is incredibly excited to be spending time w/ her cousins and that was one of my prayers,,(that she would be excited about her time w/ my sister when I am gone).

There is a possibility that Dave and John may go for part of the time but if something happens and my sister cannot keep E, then it will just be me.

Susan said...

We plan on going back in a few years for a "heritage" type trip with E'beth and John. We are thinking when E'beth is 8 or 9. Are either one of you considering a return to China??

Shelley said...

Oh absolutely we plan to go back!!! The girls talk about it all the time and they can't wait. Our plan is to wait until they are a good bit in the 12-15 range. I don't want to have to dance on egg shells with them about anything and I think that by that age, they will have formed some definate opinions and have some good thoughts and questions about their adoptions. They have some definite opinions now, but not like they will as teen agers! (Can I get an AMEN on THAT thought???)

I didn't know that E-beth had ear trouble flying. Sorry to hear that.

Anyway...glad you are going with Angie...jealous as I can be, but glad!!! :-)

Susan said...

well Shelley, there is still time to apply for a visa :) Turn the reigns over to your sweetie and come on! :):)

Shelley said...

Oh how I would love to, but the truth is that I never spent a night away from my precious babies and I'm not about to start now!!! I could no more go back to China without them than I could cut off my arm!!!
But...oh how much fun it would be!!!
I hope you guys have a GREAT trip!!!! Does she have any ideas as to when she is going yet??