Saturday, March 20, 2010


It started with our dog who has a little problem with bad breath. I do need to take her in for teeth cleaning and grooming etc.. but for now we still try to pretend we don't smell her.. but alas, Elizabeth is not happy with this odor.

Each night we have a bedtime routine that involves reading, saying prayers, snuggles, back scratches etc.. and Annie goat (our dog) insists being on the bed as this occurs. She plops herself right in the middle of the action every evening.

Tonight Elizabeth declared to me that "Chinese people don't like dogs mom"..

"Really" I replied?

"Yes Mom", really. They stink (dogs).

To which I said .."and Chinese people also eat dogs sometimes"

Without missing a beat Elizabeth got right in Annies face and said "MOVE unless you you want me to EAT you."

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Angie said...

classic! What a hoot that girl is!