Monday, March 22, 2010

Random thoughts prior to travel

It's a little different this time as we embark on our trip across the globe. China. China is where our daughter was born and when we traveled in 2005 there was a flurry of preparations which included immunizations, meds for everything you could imagine from antibiotics to scabies cream and everything in between and so much more. We thankfully didn't need the scabies cream!-- but having it all "just in case" gave us a little bit of security for the 'what if' games. If you can believe this our luggage actually contained over 10 POUNDS of .... WET WIPES! :) and.. you know what? ... we used every. single. pack!!

I'm incredibly excited to be returning to the land of our daughters birth and I'm actually not a bit stressed.. yet. Afterall, I get to see the most amazing moment in my friends life in REAL time and not read about it 12 hours later~! What a blessing and gift!

I get to watch the bonding process unfold over the next days and weeks as we walk beside her during our time in China and watch a potentially very frightened little 22 month old little girl begin to understand she now has a mother who will be there for all the moments and not just when she cries, or is hungry, or is tired etc..

Lucky me!!!

Thank you Miss Angie for letting me be that "fly on the wall" on that once in a lifetime day in Xi'an. Feel free to swat me if I overstep my bounds and try to spoil your sweet Emma!

Bring on the Travel Approval!!

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Angie said...

Totally crying's an honor to have you in the "delivery room!" If TA doens't come head may explode!