Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pre-jet lag

It's only days away now and packing is paramount in our daily activities. It seems that streamlined packing is more difficult than taking the works! We hope to pack very lightly for ourselves in an effort to squeeze in as many basic supplies for some special orphanages as possible. We are still hunting colostomy bags in small sizes if anyone has connections with the powers that be in this area!

We will leave the US arriving into Beijing. After a 6 hour layover, we then head to Guilin which is another 3 hour flight South of Beijing. At this point we will take a few days to acclimate to China time, recover from jet lag, etc.. This is where the adventure will begin. A Chinese "local" will be taking us to some of the back roads of the rural Chinese countryside. It is our understanding they speak English and know their stuff... ok. We shall see.

After a few days in the Guilin vicinity we will then fly back to Beijing and meet up with Angie and the rest of the adoption group from the Living Hope adoption agency for "part two" of our journey.. exciting days ahead! Come back to join in!


Ladybugsmom said...

We arrive in Guilin on May 13th leave the light on we will stay in Yangshuo May 15th and take on the water show...tell me what you all plan to do and where you will stay...

Susan said...

Just sent you our itinerary Emily! Check out the place in Yangshou..

We will most certainly leave the light on for you!

Do you still have Dave cell phone? Maybe we need to make sure we have yours. Drop me an e-mail w/ your contact numbers and if there is anything I think I need to talk to you about or vice versa while in China we will have it.