Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live T.V. debut for John and E'beth!

During the past few Summer's we have enrolled the children in a Kids in the Kitchen class at Miss Melanie's Tea Room here in our community. It's been such fun for the children and someone else gets to hammer "don't talk w/ your mouth full" them :)

Well, today, John and E'beth were Miss Melanie's guests on Day Time in the Tri Cities which featured the Tea Room and the Kids in the Kitchen cooking classes coming up in June. You just never know what's going to happen on LIVE TV and today was NO exception!! Watch what happened at the end of the clip when co host "Lightnin Charlie" (love the name!) uses his guitar as a table for the quiche!

CLICK HERE for the FUN clip and the YUM!! recipes courtesy of Miss Melanies Tea Room!

We had so much fun seeing the 'behind the scenes' makings of a live television broadcast. What an experience!!


Patricia/NYC said...

CUTE!!! CUTE!!! CUTE!!!!

E'Beth has quite the personality, doesn't she?? And how handsome is John!! So tall too!!

It was great to see them both!! I couldn't help think about E'Beth in CHina & how she always held onto her Panda bear!

The Johnson Family said...

Hi,Im Jared. I heard tHat we're traveling together. We're about the same age. Do you have a DS or DSI? If you do, are you bringing it to china? I have a lot of games on mine. I'll see you there. What's your e-mail address mine is