Thursday, April 10, 2008

.HERE COMES THE BRIDE! and the outdoor room

Our home is buzzing with excitement as our family gets ready for the special event of the year. A wedding!

John and E'beth have the honor of both being in the wedding and we will travel to the west coast to attend. We have finally gotten their attire purchased and now just have to figure out how to transport it all :) Elizabeth will 'sparkle' in her flower girl dress that is full of interesting shiny things she wants to PULL OFF!! - and John will be wearing these with this ;)

The wedding will be held on the grounds of a private home overlooking the Pacific ocean. I haven't seen the location personally, but understand it's breathtaking!

We will be joined by many other family members and friends, and stay in a wonderful quaint Inn by the sea. Here's a peek where we will be staying. I so treasure family times like this where our family gathers without the everyday business and can be together for such a special event. The Bride and Groom have traveled extensively all over the world, and I'm excited to see all the amazing things in store for the festivities. * I'm also glad it's not my wedding and we can simply go as guests*!!

John is especially intrigued with the groom's adventures. One story was when he was surfing off the coast of Jakarta in some remote location, his board flipped and cut him rather severely on the back of his head. He was bleeding quite a bit, and the old sea captain guide on the boat had a first aid kit. There in the middle of the sea, the captain had to stitch him up - with NO previous experience or pain control! Ouch! The stories are interesting and we can't wait to hear more of them! :) :)

In addition to all the above, we have been working on our outside back yard. It's been about a 1.5 year long project so far, and we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have a new waterfall area that I thought was going to be a simple small feature, but it turned out to be *much* larger than I expected! We love the sound of the rushing waterfall, and can't wait to enjoy many warm summer nights in our new 'outdoor room'.

We have nicknamed our waterfall, Southern Niagra. I would have been content just listening to the rushing water, but Dave and the children would have no part of that!!! FISH! Thats what it needed. So, John and E'beth made a list of fish names and were full of anticipation as we ventured to the pet shop for our newest additions. We now have 7 fish, and 4 snails in the Southern Niagra.

Dave's ideas of fish names were a bit different than Johns. ummm, Jaws, Chum, Moby, etc..

I have taken before pics. and once we are totally finished, I'll post some before and afters.


Patricia/NYC said...

That Inn looks DIVINE!!! If I get a sparkly dress & some chuck taylors can I go too?? lol! ;)

Angie said...

I am pretty sure that I need to go with you to the wedding...I know you need a sitter! :) The Inn/spa looks perfect! I am just a little jealous!
I can't wait to see pics of J and E in their wedding attire. Too precious!

Erin said...

Oh, now THAT'S a wedding! I think it might be even more fun to see your children in their finery, than to get married yourself! And your backyard sounds like a dream come true! Looking forward to the photos!

Janelle said...

the wedding sounds like QUITE the event! how exciting : ))

Chloe has plans to be flower girl this summer as well. I'm beginning to coach her as she has some fears about the whole thing...

v. anxious to see photos of Niagra & the inhabitants!

Mob said...

It sure is more fun to GO to weddings. I bet it will be really fun for all of you.
Lets see some pics of Southern Niagra too!