Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barnes & Noble concern and a question

We have a fairly new large Barnes and Noble in our area and I would estimate it has approx. 15,000 sq. feet +/-. The children's section is a about half way to the back and as far left as you can go. The most direct path to the children's book department and play area takes you right through the section about the occult, and other demonic books. It is virtually impossible to get to the children's section without walking thru this as it is right beside the only entrance to the play area.

Even if you go way out of your way to circumvent this it is directly adjacent to the children's section entrance and you still pass by it. The first section of books for children almost physically touches these topics (within inches).

Given the many, many, many, subject options Barnes and Noble has to place in that area with this ample spaced facility, why must they make parents with young children walk right through this subject matter? It appears to be intentional and deliberate.

Why not put History books, Nutrition, Health, Travel, etc.. almost anything but the above.

So, my question to those of you in other areas, is this an isolated situation with our particular Barnes and Noble management, or is this layout by Barnes and Noble nation wide?


Patricia/NYC said...

The children's section at both of our local B&Ns is adjacent to Home Decorating & Cooking...pretty logical, I think.

Susan said...

Thanks Patricia. My hunch is this is a local situation. I'm planning on going in and personally showing the manager my concern. If I can get away w/ snapping a picture I'm going to post it. Regardless, I'll post what his/ her response was.

Home Deco, Cooking etc.. seems perfect adjacent to the children's area. I'll suggest this ;)

Susan Stevenson said...

You know... I haven't been to our local B&N in some time, but I certainly remember the occult section - and it may have been near the kid's section here too. I could be wrong. I should stop in there and see what's up. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Susan,

That is so very disturbing. At our B&N, one has to walk to the back of the store, down what I'd call the center aisle. The two closest sections are parenting and Home Deco . . . which, as you said, makes perfect sense. I suspect (and hope) the manager will be open to your concern and make the necessary changes.

Jennifer, mommy to Adrienne

Janelle said...

oh ick.

I think it's poor judgement on the part of your store. Ours is straight back (have to pass tables of items on special sale!) The section is adjacent to parenting and health sections...also a logical progression!

suggest placing the occult section in the basement or toilet where it belongs.

Walker said...

How terrible!! Our closest store is an hour away! Yep, I live in the country!

Paula said...

That is poor judgement. They should have that awful section in a far away corner.
We used to have only one movie theatre in town and it was inside a casino. So, all of the kids would have to walk through the smokey rooms with people drinking and gambling. Not good. Thankfully we have another option now.

sara said...

I don't know, but I think it is worth mentioning to the management!