Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The days are growing shorter

and soon, Summer will give way to chilly nights, pumpkins, and other amazing gifts of the season. Its hard to believe Summer is more than half over for us (we count 'Summer' as when school is not in session ;). School begins in just over a month, and the task of gathering school supplies, working on the 'new' morning routine getting ready on time for the 8:00 a.m. bell, packing lunches, homework, etc etc, is knocking at the door. I actually love the routine and feel like something has been accomplished even by 8 am during the school year ;)

John will be such a big boy in 1st grade! He is doing beautifully and loves his school. We have grown to love this wonderful school as well. It only has 2 first grade classes and depends heavily on parental involvement. Elizabeth will join her brother 2 years from August when she officially begins Kindergarden. This year is most exciting for John as he has been told he gets to bring home the class rodent (guinea pig). Hopefully I can keep a smile on my face as we load it into our SUV..lol.

So, the last half of Summer '08 is here. It truly amazes me how much faster time goes by when we grow up!

I recently read some excellent reviews on this.. and got it for John. He LOVES it and has made learning math a breeze! He doesn't want to put it down. It seems to be a positive alternative to the old fashioned way his Mom and Dad learned :) John seems to have a love for math, and we hope to foster that interest! (He also has a love for Tom and Jerry DVD's that we hope will dwindle..lol!)


Kim said...

Time does fly by...esp with the busy days that we have as mommies! So much to do, but God is good to help us get it all done. We will be beginning our school year the first of August, because we take some time off in early Sept for a much needed beach vacation! It doesn't seem like to time to be getting all that together!

John's school sounds wonderful! I love the smaller schools!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh my goodness! Our summer just STARTED, as school here goes until the very last day of June! The first day back is the day after Labor Day.

Enjoy this month!! Time sure is flying by!

Paula said...

Love the pic with the flag waving. That looks like a great little device to help with math.