Thursday, July 3, 2008

Precious Freedom

This was the moment Elizabeth became a citizen as she first stepped foot on US soil in L.A. moments after exiting the airplane that brought us home from China. No the clothes and shoes don't match as she had thrown up just before getting on the plane in Guangzhou and we were into our 'reserve' before we even got to our 15 hour seat. None of it mattered. We were home. She was free. We didn't take it lightly after 21 days in China. We loved China, and hope to return someday, but nothing will ever change how grateful we were to live in the United States. Freedom. We saw first hand how very blessed we were here in America. I took for granted so many of my liberties until we saw how most of the rest of the world lives.

As our nation is going though such changes in a very turbulent time, my prayer is we never loose sight of our founding forefathers vision for our country.

One Year Later..


Angie said...

She's grown so much! She was the first homecoming I saw! I can remember it so vividly - her smile melted my heart...always the ham!

Kim said...

So sweet and such great things to ponder...a child without hope, a family living in a country with little a bright future, a great hope, and a family!

Blessings to you all!

Amy said...

Awesome pics of your daughter! Happy belated 4th of July!