Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to our virtual trips of our favorite places to stay, here's one of our favorites and it's right at our back door! Just a short drive for us and it is an escape that completely takes you to another world.

Around the turn of the century, the Grove Park Inn was built by Italian stone masons who hauled tons upon tons of boulders up the mountain by mule and other methods that we would consider almost impossible by todays standards. The fireplaces inside the main lobby are so large, an adult can actually stand inside the firebox.
We especially love to visit this majestic inn during the Winter months as they keep a roaring fire going in the lobby 24/7. Along with the multitude of things to do we often simply enjoy sitting for hours enjoying the warmth of the fire rocking in the chairs positioned in front of it.

The views of the mountains and the city of Asheville are breathtaking and you can dine on the veranda overlooking them.

Take the elevator to the lower level and viola... you once again are taken to another world. The spa, the indoor pool, the waterfalls, etc.. are simply amazing.

Best news?.. they have a fabulous special going on right now!

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