Wednesday, February 18, 2009

*Warning this post contains disturbing subject matter*

Before reading further, I want to make sure anyone reading this understands this is a very disturbing subject having to do with forced abortions in China. This report sites cases from our own daughters finding area in China and once again, whenever I come across this kind of information, I have to stop what I am doing and thank God for His intervention in whatever her birth circumstances might have been. We are forever grateful to Elizabeth's birth mother for most likely taking great risks to preserve her life.

Below is part of the report and you can read the full story HERE.


Physical coercion to terminate a pregnancy or undergo sterilisation was banned by law in 2002 but numerous reports in the Chinese media claim that it still goes on.

Chinese women are daring to speak out themselves. Zhang Linla, who has a four-year-old daughter, told a website in Shenzhen, on the border with Hong Kong, that she was subjected to a late forced abortion because she became pregnant again before the period officially allowed between births.

"Six days before the due date, 10 strong strangers came to my house, forced me into a truck then took me to a family planning clinic, where the doctor gave me an injection," she said.

"The child began struggling in my womb and one of these scum even kicked me in the abdomen. Then the baby came out and they threw it into a rubbish bin. I could even see it was still moving."

An even more horrifying story, reported on hundreds of websites, concerned a case of infanticide in Wuhan, central China, last September. A farmer named Huang Qiusheng said his wife, who was nine months pregnant, gave birth to a live child despite being forced to submit to an injection to induce an abortion. The infant was thrown into a urinal.

The next day an elderly woman named Liu Zhuyu heard the child's cries, rescued it, washed it and delivered it to a neonatal clinic. But the reports claim that five family planning officials confronted Liu, seized the child and killed it by throwing it to the ground.

The complexity of family planning laws and their arbitrary enforcement often contributes to cases of cruelty.

This month a newspaper in Yunnan province reported a case of compulsory sterilisation that has appalled commentators. It involved a woman named Zhang Kecui, who was ambushed in the street by family planning officials and dragged on to the operating table for a sterilisation.

Zhang has two children and according to regulations should have been sterilised after the second birth. Her husband has lodged a legal complaint but has little hope of redress.


Sherri said...

Thank you for posting this, as uncomfortable as it is. My youngest daughter is from Wuhan. I'm with you in praising God for allowing her to survive.


Patricia/NYC said...

Oh Susan...this just breaks my heart...but such an important post...thank you for sharing this! I totally agree with you & thank the dear Lord EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for Kiara's life.

Kim said...

Very heart breaking indeed. But, important to know about. Thanks for sharing!

Mom Of Many said...

*tears welling* That's just horrible. Imagine Susan what our country is headed to as its leaders think that they know what is best for each state, town, home, family and person...God spare us!

That's why we can't ever stop proclaiming truth! Thank you Susan for being a truth-teller - - even when it's uncomfortable.

Love from Colorado dear friend,

Paula said...

I cannot believe that things like that happen today. What a tradgedy.

Ohilda said...

Oh Susan,

I've read this report before and it made my stomach churn then...just as it did now.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the precious birthmothers of all of the children that have been allowed the gift of life in China, even under horrible conditions.

Hugs to you, my friend. Let's keep the battle going! God ALWAYS wins!