Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elizabeth on Posh Tots

Shortly after returning from China, Posh Tots sent us some beautiful!!! Asian clothing for children and Elizabeth was to be the 'model'. What FUN! I have so enjoyed these outfits for her and they will be some of the clothing I will keep for her to hand down to her own little girl someday.

I often become attached to special items the children wore or had when they were babies and these clothes are an example. You know the feeling of when you hold something, smell it, feel it, suddenly you are taken back to 'the moment'..


Sherri said...


I loved what you commented on Ohilda's blog. I thought to myself "I like this girl", then when I clicked to find your blog, it was YOU!!!! haha!


Ladybugsmom said...

I loved seeing her in this one day browing on line for "Asian" attire...omg sweet. We miss you guys...our little one is getting to be a big girl.

Tisha said...


Elizabeth makes an adorable model!!!! What a fun keepsake memory for her and your family.

I haven't talked to you in a while and I hope that everything is going well. Any fun summer plans? I love your travel posts. Have a great weekend!


Mom Of Many said...

She is so adorable!! What a blessing to be a little model...and yes, I completely understand about sentimental memories...that was the painful thing about the fire...oh, I will so start to bawl my eyes out if I think about it all..*happy thoughts* Yes, relish the memories and save those precious things for your children's children...they will love it too!!
Love you sweet friend

Susan Stevenson said...

Beautiful! What a lovely keepsake these clothes will be for Elizabeth's children.