Friday, May 15, 2009

just curious

Am I the only one that never let my new daughter play in the White Swan play room? I could only imagine the little invisible creatures crawling all over the toys from the drool and saliva, the runny noses being wiped by little hands that then played with the toys my new daughter would be playing with and putting them in her mouth..

Don't get me wrong, we LOVED the White Swan!! It was an oasis in the vast desert of an unchartered journey for us, but no matter how hard you try to keep something like the play room sanitized, I'm still seeing all those potential critters! It now reminds me of how I feel about Chuc*y Cheese.. I don't think there has been one time that we frequented the lovely children's paradise without coming down with something in the nasty - trip to the Dr.- category.


Lori said...

When we were there, the WS play room was closed for renovation. I was disappointed but at the same time, you are right....all those germs gross me out!

Mom Of Many said...

Hey girl,
No you are not the only one....we didn't go in either. Never even went to see what it was like. I don't like CC either...or McD playland for that matter. Outdoor playgrounds are my choice...where, Lord willing, the sun kills all the crud. The other day we were out and about and I turned in time to see Elizabeth about to lick the handrail. UGH!!