Thursday, May 21, 2009

A mother's dream

tonight we had the sweet experience of watching our son John receive the outstanding conduct/ sportsmanship award (for the second year in a row!) at his end of the year Awana awards ceremony. What a privilege it is to be this precious child's mother. As far as his parents are concerned, this was the best honor he could have achieved.

I've posted this picture of John before, but it's such a vision of who he is. We were browsing in our favorite garden shop and I had walked ahead. John called to me and told me he had a surprise for me. When I turned around, he had drawn a heart in the gravel and told me how much he loved me. Who could ask for more?! Thank you God.


Patricia/NYC said...

The greatest gift in the world is the love of a child!

Angie said...

Yeah...I think you oughta keep him around! Way to go John!

Susan Stevenson said...

A beautiful entry. Congrats to your son! And I love the heart. When my boys were little and would bring me dandelions, it was better than getting roses from my husband. :)