Sunday, October 26, 2008

Han Li Rong. A day never forgotten

She came to us with a simple yellow bottle tied around her neck with a blue string, her layered clothing, and the Panda we had sent in a care package. Elizabeth and all her worldly possessions were suddenly in my arms 3 years ago.

One of our wonderful travel mates had a beautiful post about how brave these little girls are. I have to agree totally. They are taken from everything they have ever known (good and bad) and suddenly find themselves in the arms of total strangers who look different, smell different, talk different, and hold them differently.

Elizabeth my sweetheart, words simply won't come this evening as I reflect on how far you have come and how proud we are of you. We love you with all our hearts and you have made our home complete. My prayer is that I can be the Mother that God wants me to be .. for you. Your Daddy and I will always be here for you until God calls us home. Even in the absence of an earthly Mother and Father you might face someday (hopefully a very long time from now), we will teach you that you have a Heavenly Father that wants to live in your heart forever.


Mom Of Many said...

Oh what a precious picture! Happy Anniversary Sweet Elizabeth! Happy Anniversary! May God Almighty bless your life abundantly and may you grow to serve Him with all your heart!

Angie said...

There aren't words...The picture of that sweet baby girl and the phrase, "..and all her worldly possessions..." broke my heart.

I think about my "gotcha" moment...I will be feeling such joy, but Emma will be experiencing one of the greatest losses of her life...

It's amazing though, to see the change in that sweet baby! From screaming out of fear, to squealing with joy! I am so glad that I have gotten to see so much of that transformation! Love you all!

~~ said...

That photo and your post are so touching... oh how precious and loved she must be!

Sandy H. said...

Wow, what emotions this must bring back! Elizabeth is a true blessing to everyone!

We were hoping to see you at Audrey's party, but maybe at the next meeting!


Erin said...

My very favorite part of this post, are the words, " Elizabeth and all her worldly possessions were suddenly in my arms..." Those words put it all into perspective. What a ouching accoint. I am loving these posts... I love to hear the stories of how other families came to be.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth had a lot to lose in China and that picture is heartbreaking but God knew she had a lot to gain with you. She is a beautiful precious girl and we love her dearly. You are awesome parents!
Happy Gotcha Anniversary

The Messerschmidts

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

new here..

Omgoodness.. what a beautiful post. And "all her worldly possessions.." I remember thinking this each time we adopted.. and it is heartbreaking.

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for letting me stop in!


Eileen said...

How beautifully said. I found your blog through my friend, Lisa, over at Motherlode.

What a precious girl.


Paula said...

Happy Anniversary to sweet Elizabeth. What a joy she is to your family!
**any word about Leigh lately?