Friday, April 4, 2008

.a CHILLY RAINY NIGHT and pillow menu's

When we were in Hong Kong just prior to getting Elizabeth in mainland China, we stayed at an incredibly beautiful brand new hotel called The Langham Place Mongkok. It was by far one of the most fabulous places we had ever stayed at. This was the hotel that had the glass walled bathroom overlooking the Mongkok area of downtown Kowloon. It was a bit weird, but you actually got used to it pretty quickly! The hotel was adjacent to a 30 story VERY upscale mall unlike anything I've seen here in the states. The escalators gave me the willies as they went so high per segment that I felt dizzy. I had to end up closing my eyes, gripping the handrail and asking Dave to tell me when we reached the top! The basement level of the hotel was the Hong Kong metro stop for Mongkok, and you could simply take the elevator down and go anywhere in Hong Kong. It was also within walking distance to many of the marketplaces you read about in so many travel sites.

This hotel even had a pillow menu. You could choose from various scents such as Rose, Lavender, Japanese tea leaf, extra long pillows for wedding couples that want to share a pillow (or sleeping w/ a child in the same bed) - you name it. Depending on what you choose, the claims were to relieve stress, balance hormones, lower blood pressure, prevent flu, improve circulation, on and on.. ;)

We decided to spend several days in Hong Kong instead of Beijing since this is where our travel group from our adoption agency would meet us. We opted for a little more time in Hong Kong instead of attempting to fly into Beijing and then back in only 2-3 days. We were glad we did this since it gave us time to relax, do what we wanted, and fully recover from jet lag prior to getting Elizabeth.

One evening we were walking around taking in the sights and stopped for a cup of hot tea. It was SO delicious! It was made with rose petals and mint. I don't know what else was in it, but I can't stop thinking about it on this chilly rainy night here at home across the world from Hong Kong.


Mob said...

Wow, that sounds so luxurious. What a treat. The pillow bar is so different and the hot chocolate. Mmmm, now you've got me thinking about it.

Leslie said...

Just checking in again! Wow what a hotel! I sleep with 3 different pillows! I would love to have a menu! Isn't sweet how you remember the little details like the delicious tea. Sorry about Elizabeth's arm, my goodness it sure is a cute little cast though!