Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leigh, Michael, and her story- the result

When I last wrote about Leigh, she had developed a fever of unknown origin shortly after the IVF procedure where they had successfully transplanted 3 embryos. Leigh has decided to share her ongoing story with the hopes that it will help others and give encouragement as well as asking for continued prayer in their own situation.

Leigh's fever and symptoms continued to escalate and last week, she was admitted to the hospital. It was discovered that the antibiotic given just prior to the IVF procedure caused a serious reaction involving her intestines. It destroyed most of the 'good' bacteria, while allowing the 'bad' bacteria to multiply. The condition became very serious and now not only were there concerns about the embryos, but also about Leigh. The good news was that the Physician was able to quickly pinpoint the situation and get the proper treatment underway. If they hadn't been able to catch the problem it could have been a potentially life threatening situation for Leigh.

Gradually, Leigh has regained strength, and on Monday she went in for a pregnancy test. It was clinically positive but her Dr. was concerned that the HCG levels were quite low. He wanted to recheck them today, and the results were not good. It appears the fever/ condition may have affected the outcome of this round of IVF.

I have to say that once again Leigh has amazed me. She and Michael are so strong and want God's direction in their lives that when many couples would want to give up and just get on with their lives, Leigh is already planning the next go round when the physician gives the go ahead. Their attitude is one of simple thankfulness to be alive and to have regained health. They know that God is and has been in total control and understands the end from the beginning.


Paula said...

She IS a strong woman. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
You go girl!
Thank God she's ok and healing up.

Erin said...

Leigh Michael, Many people are praying and hoping for a baby to come to you. I feel sad for your profound disappointment, and hope that you feel strong and healthy very soon.

Erin said...

Oops, Leigh & Michael.