Friday, April 18, 2008

Is it a boy, girl, or THREE?? -*Update below*

Our friend Leigh has asked for prayer.

Wow, where do I even begin. I first met Leigh shortly after we returned from China. Leigh was giving a bridal shower for a wonderful mutual friend and during the shower I found out she and her husband Michael were far into the process of a Russian adoption. We immediately shared the common bond of the gift of international adoption. Leigh and Michael were more than ready to become parents after many many years of failed attempts.

Their Russian adoption was progressing and even though it was going very slowly, Leigh was full of excitement and joy at the thought that their goal was not just one baby - but TWO. Leigh had the most incredible nursery already finished, along with a playroom that would be any child's dream come true. All that remained was the wait. And wait patiently they did.

The long months turned into several years and then one day last year, they got the call. Quickly, they packed, and within a very short time found themselves on Russian soil. Sadly, their journey to Russia ended in a return to the US without a child. Leigh's attitude was remarkable throughout all of this and instead became very grateful for the life that she and Michael shared together and focused on the gifts that God had richly blessed them with. They never gave up on their desire to have children and now it was just a matter of asking God which path He had chosen for them. The China program was one direction.

After careful prayer, and consideration, they also decided to seek the advice of a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Months of basic procedures didn't work and so the next step was IVF. Several months ago, they attempted their first IVF procedure and it was not successful. Leigh and Michael were obviously very saddened, but once again this determined couple picked themselves up, regained their optimism, and this time decided to approach things very differently.

From the beginning of this 2nd attempt of IVF, Leigh has decided to share her story, and beseech her friends, family and the body of Christ for prayer.

Today, 3 fertilized embryos were successfully implanted and now the infamous 10 day wait begins before they know if they will finally become parents. The difference this time Leigh explains is that she has an army of people praying on their behalf. Leigh and Michael openly are humbly requesting that those that share their love for Christ to pray for them and that THIS would be the time.

**UPDATE** I just learned Leigh is running a fairly high fever of unknown origin. Please keep them in your prayers!


Angie said...

I will be praying - WOW! I am sure that these will be 10 LONG days...for them...and us! Can't wait to see how God will answer their prayer!

~~ said...

wow... I pray they have triple blessings. God is good and his grace is sufficient.

Erin said...

Oh, I have wondered how they were doing, after following their journey on MAW... I am happy for them, and will certainly pray that all will go well. Hoping that they can experience the joys of parenthood very soon!

Mob said...

Thank you SO much for sharing their story. And what a story it is. I am totally praying for those eggs to implant. What a hard journey they have been through. They are the perfect example of when the Apostle Paul said "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Praise God!

Denise said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. And when I came to your blog I recognized your friends. I had been following their adoption journey on my adoption website and was so sad about their failed adoption. I am so glad to be praying for them, that their dream will soon come true.

I look forward to hearing an update when you know~

Leigh Lambert said...

To all who are praying for my loving husband and I, we truly appreciate your efforts! We truly and deeply believe that God listens to and hears all! Pray, pray often! I have had some complications from the procedure and the health of the 3 embryo's is unknown at this point, so your prayers at this time are truly needed! Thank you all so much!
Leigh and Michael