Tuesday, May 6, 2008


You know, this comment was made by the pastor at the wedding.. here ya go ;)

"On her wedding day when a bride first starts down the ISLE, the thing she notices right away is the ALTER. Next, her eye goes straight to the groom and stays there... from that moment on, she thinks... ISLE, ALTER, YOU".

Now keep in mind that wasn't from me.. ha. But actually, its something to think about. Not sure what denomination that pastor was, so I'm kinda takin' it with a grain.. (grin)..

Happy Day Shelley and David! May you have many many more happy years ahead.

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Nash deVille said...

Hi Susan - thanks for the comment on my blog. We are in CT right now, not too far from Jersey. I am very excited to get out of here! :)

That is a funny little story! :)

Nash (Kim)