Friday, May 16, 2008

Utter Devastation

Our Elizabeth is from Hubei China which is a neighboring Province to the earthquake ravaged Sichuan Province. Each day the devistation and death toll climbs higher and higher. As images emerge from this region of the world it is clear to say this event is catestrophic may be an understatement.

Seeing the pictures of parents grieving over the body of their only child, children that now face life without parents, a childs limbs amputated on the spot in order to save their life and drag them out of the rubble are etched in my mind and it is impossible to imagine the hardships these people are enduring as I type.

If you haven't seen the degree of destruction you can go HERE.

Please consider helping.

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Kim said...

Such prayers are with all the families who have suffered such great loss!

I tagged you with a fun little along if you'd like!