Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The referral of babies

I LOVE to read about families getting the referral of their new baby and to this day I follow quite a few families that have been in line for a referral from China for a very long time. It brings back memories of our own referral day. We were in New Jersey in an area at the shore that didn't have internet service. We had our computer,,, but it didn't do one bit of good. We were desperate and hid in the bushes of an upscale neighborhood in an attempt to pick up a signal. It worked, and we finally found our 'hot spot' that we could camp at long enough to get the necessary information.

Once we saw Elizabeth's sweet face and smile there truly was a hugh sense of relief that this would really be happening, she was ours, she was beautiful, and most importantly we received the incredible confirmation and peace that God was in total control of the child we were to have. We were headed to China!

If you are in the process, or want to re-live those feelings of the first days after your referral, click HERE. This couple has waited a very long time to be parents, and now, they are. Be sure to click on the video link of the new Mamma showing off the picture! They will be leaving sometime this summer to travel to China and I can't wait to follow them.


Stefanie said...

What a beautiful story :) Elizabeth was and is so lovely! and I had not recalled that incredible confirmation you received that she was yours. God is SO good... only He can replace sadness with joy!!

Paula said...

That is funny how you had to find a hot spot in the bushes. I'm sure Elizabeth will love to hear that part of your story.

Janelle said...

I love referral time too - and am smiling to think of you hiding in the bushes.

We, also were 'sans computer' that day as we were (where else?) in the motorhome at a Penn State game & walked all over State College looking for an internet cafe'!