Monday, November 10, 2008

Daughter of Military soldier mocked by teacher in class for her Presidential choice

Here are our tax dollars at work in a public school system in N.C. How would you feel if happened to your child on either side of the political spectrum? Also note the teachers incorrect grammar and use of the English language during her "lecture"..

Click Here to watch what happened.

UPDATE: Michelle Obama 'interviews' private schools for her daughters in Washington D.C.
Are the public schools our tax dollars fund not good enough for his own family? What about the people that would like to send their child to a private/ Christian school but aren't as financially able as Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama?

Here is the info on the school the Obama children attend in Chicago:

( – As chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) from 1995 to 2001, Barack Obama helped distribute $49.2 million to help improve Chicago’s public schools, a task for the CAC that two studies showed had little or no impact on improving public education.

Despite his work to improve Chicago’s public schools, the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee sends his two daughters to the University of Chicago’s Laboratory School, a prestigious private school in Chicago – and he opposes school vouchers, which would allow parents to send their kids to the school of their choice.

Tuition for the Chicago Lab School where Obama’s daughters attend is $18,492 a year for grades 1-4, the grades Obama’s daughters attend. The tuition climbs to $20,286 a year for grades 5-8, and $21,480 a year for grades 9-12, according to the school’s Web site.

“That’s not unusual. Loads of people opposed to school choice send their own kids to private school,” said Dick Komer, senior litigation attorney for the Institute for Justice, which supports school vouchers.

“Wealthy people like Obama have school choice,” Komer told “This is garden variety hypocrisy.”
Thank you Amy C. for bringing up the subject of the Obama daughters private education in the comment section under this post.


Anonymous said...

can you say union, tenure, and quotas? My bet is she will get a slap on the wrist and continue to intimidate, browbeat, and belittle your children. Obama wants to make it harder for parents to have a choice in school options.

Its interesting he (Obama) wants easy 'choices' for women who wish to abort their baby, but not for parents who want options (such as homeschooling and private/ Christian schools) for their children besides what we are seeing here.

I would have been outraged if this had been my daughter. She is obviously going through a very difficult time with her Dad in the military and for that woman to make fun of her beliefs is beyond grounds for termination and punishment.

Just think if it were a white teacher doing this to a black child about their convictions about voting for Obama!! Do you think they would be still employed?? No way. - Do you think this would have been all over the pages of liberal newspapers, you betcha.

And while I'm at it, this" Obama's nation" slogan that's popping up all over the place where liberals hang out couldn't be more accurate. It truly is Obama's nation now, no longer the peoples. It just continues to show the arrogance of BHO and those that worship him.

I also checked out the Obama pastor and Louis Fari. video you have linked to the right. I was floored. Everyone needs to check that one out!!!!

Kudos to you,

Amy said...

Thank God for private schools, huh? :)
What also floors me is that Obama is anti-private school/gung ho public schools...yet do his kids go to public school? No way.

I agree with the previous poster. Had the tables been turned, and a white teacher been harrassing a black student about pulling for Obama. God help her.

Thanks Susan. Keep the links coming. I'm using them to the best of my ability. ;) Lova ya! :)

Mamacita said...

You know, it would actually be dangerous for President Obama's girls to go to public schools, as well as disruptive. For the next four years they will be tailed by body guards to make sure that they are OK.

I don't think it was cool for the teacher to berate that child either, its not appropriate for her age. HOWEVER, I heard the same thing happened to a boy who wore an Obama shirt to school. Did you expect this was the only incidence of politicing towards children? Google it....I'm sure it happened many times on both sides.

I really wish you would stop feeding the paranoia...people need to heal.

Anonymous said...

M- I think that teacher would be the winner of "feeding paranoia".

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, Jenna here. Just keep in mind I have copies of Haley's post if you need them next week for your "meeting" if she should take it down before you go. I'm sure you already have it, but just wanted you to know there's a backup. Call if you need it.