Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ever wonder what it's like to look out your window and see a moose or two staring back at you?

Spend ye nary another second wondering - . HERE it is!


Susan Stevenson said...

Thank you for sharing my moose encounter experience with your readers! I'm telling you.. my heart was pounding in my chest. All I kept thinking was that she would get spooked or mad and kick down my door. Can you imagine an angry moose in your living room! LOL

It was really so exciting! And when you're eye to nose with a moose, you realize how HUGE they are!

Susan said...

Susan, those are some of the most amazing pictures I've ever seen!!! I can tell those "mooses" (lol what is the plural for moose?!) are huge from the pictures but bet you were indeed shaking in your boots watching them come up to the door!!

Mom Of Many said...

I loved the pictures!! THey are so cool and I am so jealous...can't wait to go back there someday!