Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mother expecting 3rd child challenges China's forced abortion policy

Even though we know this happens in China and elsewhere it is still very disturbing to read accounts of this. I am so very thankful to Elizabeth's birth mother and many other women in China who most likely endured many sacrifices to protect and preserve a life.

Below is the article. The link is at the bottom.

Chinese officials have caved to international pressure and will now release a woman who is pregnant with her third child.

The woman was being held in a hospital in order to undergo a forced abortion. China has a strict one child policy, although two children are permitted under certain circumstances. Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute is thankful that officials have released the woman, but says now is not the time to forget her situation.

"She's been released now because the world is watching," he points out. "But as soon as the world blinks I'm afraid this woman could be rearrested and…[the child] forcibly aborted. She is by no means out of the woods."

According to Mosher, if she does have the baby, it will have to be in a government hospital because it is illegal to deliver a baby elsewhere. "And when she goes to the hospital to give birth they may very well take that baby and give it a lethal injection while it's being born," he warns. "That happens all the time in China."

If she gave birth privately, she would still not be free said Mosher. "Because she's given the population control police an enormous headache…they will be looking for her," he contends.

China plans to continue the forced abortion population control program another 42 years.
Here is the link to the entire story.


Lori said...

That is completely horrific. I can't imagine how this woman must feel. My heart aches for her and the countless women in her shoes that we never hear about.

Thanks for sharing...

Kim said...

This is just terrible! I know it goes on...but hearing about this makes it so real and horrific! I will continue to pray for these precious babies...that God would rescue them and give them a family!

Angie said...

Breaking my heart...who's to say what these little miracles could become if only given the chance?? I can't imagine that woman's heartbreak...

Lori said...

Truly unbelievable.