Friday, November 28, 2008

Silly boys, pretty girls, and turkey~!

For weeks our children have been looking forward to their cousins coming in from out of town and it brought back many memories of childhood and the anticipation building for those special moments and times. Cousin Josh spent the night with us and you couldn't pry John away from his 'buddy'! We call him our cousin brother :)

The boys decided they wanted to watch a marathon of 'star wars' (VHS!) and we decided they have such little time during the hectic week normally, that we would let them do whatever they wanted.

Elizabeth was equally enthralled with her female cousins and there were very few moments that you didn't see them together. A very Happy Thanksgiving was had by all!! We are hoping to have Hannah (the oldest cousin ;) live a little closer as she starts college this coming fall and might be just a few miles down the road!

Next stop.. the Christmas tree farm~!


Susan Stevenson said...

Your Thanksgiving celebration sounds like it was lovely. I too remember the excitement of seeing my cousins over the holidays!

Have fun at the Christmas tree farm!

Tisha said...

It definitely looks like a fund time was had by all! What sweet memories for John and Elizabeth to make with their cousins.

I can't wait to see pictures from the Christmas tree farm. We just took ours out of the box yesterday. He He ;) Not quite the same!


Mom Of Many said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!!

And we are going to cut our tree down tomorrow!! Wooo Hooo!! We can't wait!

Kristy said...

Such sweet pictures, what fun memories! I always wished my cousins could of lived closer to us when I was growing up :o).
Blessings ~