Thursday, April 16, 2009

a game of Kindness?

Last night my sweet husband walked in after running some errands and had a cup of the old Starbucks Pike Place decaf in his hands for me. He even asked them to double cup it to keep it warm longer as I do when I order it myself. I didn't ask him to get it, it was totally his idea because he knew I enjoyed it. Our children were watching this and asked me about it today. Evidently it made a big impression that their Daddy was so thoughtful. I was immediately struck that we need to do more for one another without being prompted. It doesn't have to always be a cup of coffee from Starbucks :).. but something as simple as making the other persons bed for them is a kindness act that goes a very long way.

I've decided to have an experimental 'game' of kindness acts in our home. Each day, we will see who can do the most acts of kindness for another. The "winner" will have something special in "reward" (I don't know what the reward will be yet as I'm still working out the details of this)..


Lori said...

Great idea! I think we too often forget that our kiddos are watching our marriage play out. It is so very important to display it in the way that God intended.

Sounds like you have a very thoughtful hubby. :)

Ohilda said...

What a neat "game". We may do that here, too. Also, what a great example you and hubby are to your children. More families should realize how kids pick up on what they see.



Ohilda said...


I didn't have your email to write back to you. Tell you what, if you want to send them off to the WH, to Rush or Sean or even find that billboard...go for it! I will authorize it. :)

Can you imagine my sweet kids would make a difference? God at work, my friend.



Susan Stevenson said...

My fondest memories of childhood are witnessing my parents being kind and loving to one another. It had a lasting effect on me and I believe that I'm a kinder person because of what they taught me in actions, rather than words.

tiffany said...

For a simple reward, you could do the "you are special plate". They are usually red and printed around the edge it says you are special today and the person who was the "kindest" that day could be served dinner on that plate. I like to use this simple type reward instead of rewards that add to our "stuff" problems around here. :)

Susan said...

I love that idea Tiffany. Thanks! Maybe I'll even add a special cup to drink from :)

Patricia/NYC said...

What a great idea!! And I "2nd" Tiffany's idea re: the plate.

Hey...aren't you glad Dave didn't bring you an Apple Chai??! lol!