Wednesday, April 29, 2009

urban chickens

I'm trying to figure out how to raise a few chickens in our 'cultivated' neighborhood without the lovely homeowners association objections. Perhaps if I deliver a few yummy just laid eggs to them in a shabby chic/ Martha Stewart basket one chilly morning? :) But first I need to convince my sweet loving husband this is a worthwhile endeavor. He actually listened to my crazy idea of a 'roaming small coop' tonight as we were having a loving little chat about our day on the back porch. Previously he would dismiss my desire for this 'fowl' plan and not entertain the idea whatsoever.

I described how we could have about 3 hens in the 'coop' and build it with wheels so I could roll it around the yard. Perhaps that would qualify the chickens to be classified as 'free range'??

Lets see, the estimate on building the coop is between 3 and 4 hundred dollars. Then you have the organic chicken feed, vet bills, etc etc.. so wonder what each egg would end up costing? I still contend the urban farmer in me would like to give it a whirl.

We'll see.. :)


Lori said...

We have about 15 chickens! Having fresh eggs every day is so great!! I highly recommend it.

Ummm, we've never taken a single chicken to the vet....not sure how that would go over. So perhaps you can mark that expense off your list. :)

Hope it works out for you!

Susan Stevenson said...

I think it's a wonderful idea if you can do it! Friends of ours raised chickens for eggs (and eating when they died!). Of course things are much different up here in Alaska. It would be a great learning experience for your children too.

Erin said...

That is such a cute little chicken coop! Who wouldn't want THAT in their neighborhood?!