Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We've all heard about the traffic in China and how the lines on the road are for decoration and don't really mean anything..well, it's totally true. Check out the above image for example. Here you see a bike, a donkey (pulling a long cart behind), a 3 wheel van type auto, there is a motorcycle between the 'van' and the dark car, and the photograph was taken from the window of our bus. What you don't see would be the other 4 lanes of interesting things on the very same road. Some cars/ vans/ buses were speeding along at 70+ mph, and then you have the donkey at about 4 mph. The motorcycle zips in between all and people try to cross the street all along the routes. It is truly unbelievable. Fascinating if you can ignore the danger.


Patricia/NYC said...

Oh my soon as I saw these pics I knew IMMEDIATELY when & where they were taken ;)

Despite the traffic craziness, they brought back sweet, sweet memories!

Susan said...

You said it Patricia! Sweet indeed! Sure wish I could do it all over again and be more relaxed and simply enjoy and savor each day in China. Certainly a journey of a lifetime wasn't it?!