Monday, March 31, 2008

I think I'll choose PINK

So pink it is! Neon pink. Can't miss her pink. The prettiest pink there ever was pink. Perfectly Pink.

She was thrilled. It was pink.


kris said...

A girl after my late mom's heart. She loved pink too :O)

Ladybugsmom said...

I have to that the same Panda 'Lizbeth had in China? I just loved how she towed her Panda around in China.
Em and Mel

Susan said...

Hi Em! Bet you can't leave your computer for very long this week!!! lol! Wonder why??

Yes, and no about the panda. While we were in China, she rarely dropped 'Papa', but it was dropped several times, and once you go to China, you will see that anything dropped is suddenly a bio hazzard!! ;) Folks think nothing about spitting, doing their business, etc.. anywhere and everywhere we went the smell was there! So, when we got home, we switched panda's and the panda she has in all her pictures was the one we switched to the first night we were home. The "original" papa is now spot cleaned, and preserved in plastic up in her closet ;)

How is Mel?

Mob said...

Perfect color, excellent choice!

Mike & Ramona said...

Ah yes, pink is the perfect choice! Too cute! (Why didn't they have these cute colors when we were kids?)

Janelle said...

oh she is SO brave & gorgeous!

Shana said...

And so precious in pink Elizabeth is! What a sweet brave girl!

Hugs, Shana & Sophie Lu