Sunday, March 9, 2008


OK, I thought the sea plane was over and I could now enjoy the rest of our time in Alaska either on land, or ship, but not so fast..

Dave was like a little boy so filled with the excitement of this yet another venture into the arctic world. There was really nothing I could say or do to change his mind about doing this, so I decided to embrace his enthusiasm with a resolution that God would protect them and that I would most certainly do my part to ask for His protection!

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What an adventure! They took the helicopter to a glacier, landed on it, and spent time exploring. Then, a visit to a dog sled camp where John was able to ride with the Mushers! Dave said it was actually quite comfortable temp. wise with the mid day sun.

Upon their return, I was to meet them at an area where their bus that took them to the helicopter pick up point, would return and drop them off. I waited and waited and bus after bus came, but no John and Dave. We had to be back on ship at 5:30 and at 5:20 they were not back. Surely you can imagine what was going through my mind! FINALLY, the last bus arrived, and they were one of the last to get off, and we dashed madly to catch the shuttle back to the ship.

The ship had hot chocolate and cookies waiting for all the returning guests and after a dose of sugar before 6 coarse meal that John referred to as "6 dinner meal" :) we all felt a bit more relaxed! lol.

It was 'formal' night on the ship.. and we forgot a jacket to go w/ Johns shirt and tie.
We generally don't "do formal" so I'm not surprised I forgot it.

John had an idea though.
*You will most certainly want to add one of these to your next gala event attire*.
Come back to see it :)


kris said...

Not sure how you held it together when they were last off the LAST bus! Beautiful photos, and what fun for them!

Mob said...

What an exciting excursion for the boys. I would be up for the dog sledding, but I don't know about the helicopter. I bet it was so beautiful to look down on it. I would have been a nervous wreck waiting for them to come back too.

Michael said...

Oh man, the dog sled and helicopter ride sounds AWESOME, what an amazing journey that would be. And I too probably would have been on the last bus and probably would have had my wife worried (though she might have just got on the ship without me :)
Can't wait to see John's idea.

Lori said...

Wow, such gorgeous and fun photos!