Thursday, March 13, 2008

On board formalities

There were so many highlights each day, but one of the wonderful things we looked forward to at the end of a busy day sightseeing and experiencing Alaska, was to gather with our travel group at dinner. We traveled with some very special family members and friends. I think we had about 14 people all together, and we chose to meet back at the main restaurant each evening for dinner together as a group. We would each go our own way during the daytime and do what we wanted as individuals. There were many choices of restaurants on the ship, but the main dining area was where you could sit down and order from a menu instead of a 'mega' buffet ;)

There were two formal nights during our week at sea. The first was early on in the journey, and the second was toward the end. As I mentioned we left home without a jacket for our son John and the ship's dress code for these evenings seemed pretty carved in stone. In some ways it is nice to experience the formality, but in other ways, after a full day of Alaskan wilderness exploration, the last thing one might want to do is come back and put on

John had an idea for a 'coat' to go with his shirt and tie. We had picked up a faux bear rug to go on his bed at one of our stops, so he tied it around his neck and called it his bear coat. He proudly wore this into the restaurant along side of the tuxedos and other gala attire .. (big grin here). We did get a few stares and smiles but at least we weren't asked to leave! ha.

This evening was the last formal evening, and they had a very special ending to the 6 course meal. Live musicians played music while all the chefs paraded through the dining area. Our waiter marched out with a flaming BAKED ALASKA for desert! SO fun! All the ships guests (us) waved our white cloth napkins in the air as the music played and the flaming deserts were brought out and served. It was quite festive and impressive. Sharing it with family and friends made for wonderful memories that will remain with us the rest of our lives.

The ship had many attractions for evening entertainment. Everything from a 'fun factory' for the children, to musicals and shopping, art auctions, casinos, spa, you name it. It was indeed a floating city.

There was one more port of call on the agenda, and I think this next one turned out to be one of our favorites...

Tidbit of info: It is estimated there are 12 bears living in Alaska to every one person!

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Mob said...

It all sounds so fun (except for the seasick portion of the trip), the food and fun during the day. You guys did a lot of stuff off of the boat. What a great trip!

Mob said...

P.S. you left a comment about my diet. Its going well! :)

Patricia said...

Ohhhh Alasaka! I am so envious...