Monday, March 3, 2008

The Sea Plane

There wasn't much getting around it, Dave was determined this had to be one of the 'must do Alaskan experiences'...and that John would enjoy it as much or more. Perhaps the pictures will tell the story here ;)

Some may recall hearing about the safety record of these small planes, and within a 2 month period of our travels, there were 4 sea plane crashes killing most of the passengers and crew involved.( In Alaska). In one case there was a family that included a set of 7 yr. old twins, the mom and dad, grandmother and grandfather. The plane went down killing all on board except the grandmother and one of the twins. They were seriously injured. The family was on the 3rd day of their cruise.

My instincts were NOT to do this, but this was something Dave REALLY wanted to.

So, off they go... CLICK HERE!


Mob said...

That would make me a bit nervous too, I love the last pic of the sleeping passenger! too cute

Patricia/NYC said...

You are one BRAVE momma!!!! I don't think I would have let anyone on that plane! ;)

Love the last pic! Too cute for words!

Angie said...

What would have made it even funnier would have been a pic of Dave asleep too on his "Dream Flight!" Glad John enjoyed the flight! I would have been so scared! So glad you were safe! The pics are gorgeous though!