Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Land of the Midnight Sun, Hubbard Glacier, and..sigh, seasickness

We said goodbye to Ketchikan hoping that one day we could return and spend more time on land. By this time, sunsets were not until after midnight, and sunrise was around 3 a.m. You would think this would make sleeping difficult, and it did, but interestingly we weren't as tired at 6 a.m. as we usually are at "home" 6 a.m. since the sun had already been out for 3 hours. We kept telling our bodies it was 9 a.m. :)

At one point, the ship went into open sea waters again, and encountered some rather high waves and storms. During the night, it was quite soothing to be in bed and feel the ship rocking back and forth. In the morning however, the shower was very tiny and there were no windows in the bathroom. During my shower, I kept bumping up against the wall attempting to keep my balance ... it hit! I was seasick! It seems from that point on, until we reached calmer waters it wasn't quite as pleasant as it had been. lol.

Hubbard Glacier was the next point of interest on our route. Hubbard Glacier, is the largest calving glacier on the North American continent. Interestingly, it is approx. 25% larger than Rhode Island and you can read all about it HERE if you are so inclined. Its interesting reading for those wanting to expand their knowledge on glaciers ;) It truly was fascinating and the captain of the ship did a complete 360 to make sure all passengers had a premium view of this wonder. We spent about 3 hours at the Glacier and it was breathtaking.

Be sure to click on the pictures and enlarge to appreciate the majesty. You won't be sorry!


Michael said...

Those pictures are really breathtaking. Makes me appreciate the beauty of Alaska even more. I am enjoying following your trip, thanks.

Mob said...

I made the pics bigger and you're right, simply stunning. So sorry about the sickness, that would totally be me too.

Sandy H. said...

Wow. I wish Audrey was in Alaska instead of China... looks like so much fun and relaxing!!!

I wanted to come Monday night, but I had a headache. I need to get with you about the places we talked about in China! I'll email you.