Friday, December 19, 2008

OVER 1.5 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars (YOURS AND MINE) are being considered for the Abortion industry bailout by President Elect Obama

I went to bed but could not sleep thinking about this tonight. A very large chunk of this money would be designated to fund Abortion Groups like UNFPA, an international aid organization connected to coercive abortion as part of China's coercive one-child policy.

As I read the emerging data on "the Abortion bailout" being considered by the next administration, I am *beyond disturbed* to know that part of our family income will be given to these "causes" by the future President.


Michael and Starla said...

Very disturbing.. not even in office and we are seeing what direction the country is going to be taking. Scary stuff for scary times.

Anonymous said...

Truly unimaginable. With our economy at the brink of another depression, the fact that this man's priorities are still so entrenched in the destruction of innocent human life to this degree shows once more how dangerous he will be as president. May God have mercy on our country.

Mom To Six said...


Thank you for the link. I hope it's ok that I add it to my post. I don't think people realize the the callousness and disregard for life that this man has. I know God is allowing this to happen, but oh my...his heart must be broken!