Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's that time again! ~UPDATE! I was wrong!!

Oh how I love the night before referrals get into a new parents hands :) Here is a Mom and Dad- to- be that have waited over 3 years to see their daughters face for the first time. Tomorrow they will no longer be wondering..

UPDATE- My guess below was WAY off :) - Take a look at her beautiful smile!!! M+S have some shopping to do~!

I'll put my guess out there for the record..
Province = Jiangxi (staying in Nanchang while in Province)
Age = 10 months
Weight= 16 lbs when they take all the layers off :)
Hair = wispy strands of dark brownish black :):)

Congrats M & S!!


Michael and Starla said...

Thank you so much. We can't wait to share our news. Let's just say though that I am not as excited about the night before referral as you are. Well really I am but the fact it is 2am and I am posting on your blog, well not so much. :)
Can't wait to go celebrate with you guys, we sure have a reason to celebrate the New Year now.

Michael and Starla said...

Well, to be fair, you were only off on 1/2 of your points. She does have dark brown hair and she weighs 20 lbs so after the clothes are removed you might only be a couple pounds off. But the age and province was a far miss :)
I agree with your comment on our blog, I do believe she is a happy baby. she is just smiling too big in too many pictures for her not to be happy. I hope we can keep her happy when we get her.
So, when is dinner? We have to celebrate with you guys!