Saturday, December 13, 2008

on dasher, on prancer, on mastercard, on visa..

she got an extra bone for this.


Tisha said...

Too cute! Were you holding the bone in your hand? I wonder if that trick would work for kids too? LOL. I love the title of this post; how true! Have a great weekend.


kris said...

she deserved one, very cute- though she doesn't look entirely thrilled does she?!

Brittany said...

How cute Ms. Annie is! Lol. She's such a funny little doggy. By the way, we got a very lovely Christmas card today! Thanks very much!

Angie said...

Poor Annie! What a good sport!

Janelle said...

ADORABLE!!! oh, and our house - had more to do with wanting to be near other families with kids than cost of building (although, this house was a STEAL!) we still have our lot & maybe we'll build there 'one day'.

Blessed Advent to you & your family, Susan!